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Issue 14 - september 2006

Rams 14 (en français)


Our N° 14 issue in 2006 is somewhat brief for several reasons.

With the exception of the article by Pierre Perradin we have not concluded any other studies this year. The near future, however, promises to be fruitful. Skeptics had claimed that a mother's knowledge of astrology is a causal factor in the character development of children. Thus, a study was done involving canine, rather than human subjects. Suzel Fuzeau-Braesch has finished a fundamental study of 500 canine subjects after several years work with canine breeders, collecting behavioural information classified according to the model of Professor Hans Eysenck. Scientific correlations were based on the precise moment of birth of the canine subjects and, in ultimate collaboration with a top statistician of the INRA (the French National Research Institute). The research method used specialized software where the element of chance was simulated one million times, thus leaving practically no room for any doubt of validity. Character traits such as dominance in the canine subjects correspond to the angular position (rising, setting, zenith and nadir) of either the Sun or of Jupiter, exactly as with humans. This fundamental study demonstrates causality in astrology, and invalidates skeptics' claims as about maternal knowledge of astrology determining the character of their offspring.

As this work is in the process of publication in an international American review, details of the work cannot be revealed elsewhere before it appears in print. Subsequently we shall be happy to include it in the RAMS website.

Otherwise, good news for other studies which have been started thanks to two anonymous financial contributions. Firstly, Professor Michel Lobrot (University of Paris), a psychologist, has signed a convention with RAMS and is to undertake a study on the theme of homosexuality.The second concerns a professor of history at the University of Nice. No agreement has yet been signed but exploration of the theme has already been started; it concerns Mundane astrology.The two objectives indicated by the donors are both of substantial importance, and require the time needed for the necessary care and attention needed for accurate and reliable studies. In conclusion, we await an article from our collaborator, astronomer Dr Prédéanu of Bucharest, delayed by illness. We wish her a rapid recovery.

RAMS continues, slowly but surely, at a rate dictated by serious scientific study.



Effet Mars

by Pierre Perradin

Full text in french... (document in pdf format)

Abstract : I present here a very short summary of a complete study of the Mars effect, centred on the sector 1, that of the rising of the planet. The data are those of the CFEPP and those of a personal sample. It appears that most probably the Mars effect exists, but that it appears only at the time of natural births, and for celebrities of very great notoriety. It appears moreover be sensitive to geomagnetic activity. I also present two extensions of my study, one devoted to the 12 sectors, the other to the whole of the data in my possession.


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