RAMS Presentation
Astrological Research with Scientific Methods
(french association)

The objectives of RAMS are :

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History : founded in 1992 by F. Santoni, S. Fuzeau-Braech, F. Schneider-Gauquelin and Y. Lenoble, RAMS has brought out 12 annual reports (Les Cahiers des RAMS) on the results of new research and various studies. Teams work in various scientific fields (biology, medicine, psychology, astronomy, etc.) currently under the following committee :

  - président : Francis SANTONI, ingineer, IT  
  - vice-présidente : Suzel FUZEAU-BRAESCH, Docteur d’Etat ès Sciences (D.Sc)
  - treasurer : Serge BRET-MOREL, "Master en Histoire et Philosophie des sciences"
  - J-J MARZOLF, doctor ingineer
  - Marie-Louise RAFFINOT, pharma­cist
  - Yves LENOBLE , astrologist.

There are three categories of members :
- Active member, subscription 15 Euros ; those actively involved in research or other work related to our aims, with the organisations assistance if necessary.
- Benefactor member, minimum subscription 20 Euros, those interested in our research and activity, without active participation.
- Corresponding member, no subscription, hono­rary membership granted to anyone outside France who has helped the organisation in any way (arti­cles, contacts, etc.).

The RAMS is the only organisation in France to study astrology experimentally in a purely scientific manner.

 Synopses of the RAMS Review

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