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Docteur d'état ès sciences (Sorbonne)

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- L'ASTROLOGIE (Astrology), Presses Universitaires de France, "Que sais-je?" Collection, 1995.
An indispensable core reference, written with objectivity, breadth of perspective, and competence in understanding of the origins, history, and techniques of astrology.

- L'ASTROLOGIE : LA PREUVE PAR DEUX (Astrology: Proof in Pairs), Éditions Laffont, Paris 1992.
By studying 251 pairs of biological twins, subjecting them to objective testing, the essential principles of astrology are validated.  At the same time, recent anti-astrology controversies are put to rest.

- AN EMPIRICAL STUDY OF AN ASTROLOGICAL HYPOTHESIS IN A TWIN POPULATION, Personality & Individual Differences, Vol 13, 1992, pp1135-1144, Elsevier, London.  A first publication in a university journal dealing with the experiences of twins and their astrological correspondences.

- POUR L'ASTROLOGIE : REFLEXIONS D'UNE SCIENTIFIQUE (In Favor of Astrology: Reflections of a Scientist) , Éditions Albin Michel, 1996.
As a rationalist and in the name of humanism, the author argues why the taboos against astrology should be lifted and why astrology should take its place among the sciences and be spared the antiquated prejudices of critics.  This book leads and inquiry into the various domains of science and provides responses to questions that have been raised about astrology, for example, in the remarkable case of the judo champion David Douillet.

- COMMENT DÉMONTRER L'ASTROLOGIE , EXPERIMENTATION ET APPROCHES THEORIQUES (How to prove astrology -- experiments and theoretical approaches), in collaboration with Hervé DELBOY, Éditions Albin Michel, 1999.
Astrology is not limited to newspaper horoscopes, but is also treated as a subject of scientific inquiry.  This book is comprised of three sections:  that of S Fuzeau-Braesch which studies the differences between the results of a psychological test measuring 38 personality traits and the birth-charts of 524 students; that of Hervé Delboy, devoted to the method of prediction by applying planetary transits to events in the lives of certain professional groups (118 politicians, 138 actors, 524 judges, etc.); and lastly, a section addressing the question of how and why astrology works, based on current scientific observations and theory.

- ASTROLOGY & SOCIABILITY: A COMPARATIVE PSYCHOLOGICAL ANALYSIS, Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol 11, No 3.   This study verifies correspondences between Sun signs and degree of sociability.