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Issue 15 - july .. november 2007

Rams 15 (en français)

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(september 2007)

(july 2007)


Our publication 2007 is rich in scope.

We report on two very significant works which have been terminated: a far-reaching experimental study as will be seen about the astrological study of a population of 500 dogs, the other a theoretical study of a question which has caused much agitation in the astrological field - as it has amongst astronomers and "sceptics": the "demoting" of Pluto.

Other scientific research is under way on mundane astrology and homosexuality and, like all work of quality, requires much time.

Progress however continues to be made… As always with RAMS.
We were sad to learn of the death of Mrs Irina PREDEANU, after an illness lasting several months. She was a member of RAMS and an astronomer in Bucharest. She was greatly interested in astrology and sent us articles showing an open and highly competent mind in both her professional field of astronomy, and that of astrology seen with a new eye. At RAMS we will all miss her and she will always be remembered.


Last news (novembre 2007) : Pat Harris received récently his PH;D, at the University of Southampton, title : "applications of astrology to health psychology : astrologivcal and psychological factors and fertility treatment outcome". Our Congratulations to the author.

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