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Issue 13 - september 2005

Progress in the research about the birthcharts of yoga teachers

In the number 12 of RAMS publication, we analysed 65 yoga teachers and we obtained an excess of Vénus in Ascendant and Midheaven zones. We concluded that replications must be made with greater samples.
A publication of teachers in France has been used and 200 post letters was sent, including explications and very simple page to return with natal references, with a ready envelop for reply. Only 89 answers has been received, which give no evidence of excess of Vénus. But two bias may be mentionned:
1-The 89 teachers who rapidly reply are more active and organized, so that these tendancies may be interfer with other characterictics of the charts,
2The 65 teachers of the first experiment was homogeneous as origine ( same teacher)
Thus, other means must be used for further researches.

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