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Issue 13 - september  2005

Tapan Das Ph.D., P.Eng.

Technical Consultant
45 Kingsbridge Garden Circle, Unit # 3210
Mississauga Ontario Canada
Phone: 905-712-0705
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Astrology, Zodiacs, Sun sign, Rising sign, planets, Aspects, Quantum Mechanics, Quantum number, Astro-Quantum number

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Quantum Mechanics and Astrology

Tapan Das Ph.D., P.Eng.

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This paper proposes a hypothesis drawing similarity between Atomic Science and Quantum mechanics in one part, and Astrology in the other part giving the possibility of a new method for analysing birth charts.  Astrology interprets the character, strengths and weaknesses of a person and predicts the future based on the positions of Sun sign, Rising sign (Ascendant), positions of planets in the twelve houses and Zodiacs. Quantum Mechanics is the branch of science dealing with the properties of atomic and subatomic particles, where Classical Mechanics has failed. It attributes Quantum numbers to the electrons orbiting the nucleus and deals with wave and particle duality. In this article, the Astrological analysis of the horoscopes of two famous persons has been done. The strengths of the planets have been calculated as weighting numbers based on their positions in the Zodiacs and their Aspects. By rationalising the Sun sign, Rising sign and the planets according to their weighting numbers, the characters and accomplishments of the two persons have been worked out which bear striking resemblance to their actual life. The author then assigns three Astro-Quantum numbers: 1 followed by the Sun sign (e.g. 1SC for Scorpion); 2 followed by the Rising sign (e.g. 2GE for Gemini); and 3 followed by the planet in the Zodiac and its strength calculated as weighting number (e.g. 3SuAQ8 for Sun placed in Aquarius with positive number 8). The weighting number could be positive or negative. An Astro-Quantum model has been proposed with the first Astro-Quantum number as the first lobe, the second Astro-Quantum number as the second lobe, and the planets as third lobes with the respective weighting numbers as arrows spinning clockwise for positive numbers and counterclockwise for negative numbers. For simplicity, the house positions, retrogrades and transits have not been considered in the analysis. The author names this proposed method “Quantrology” which merits further researches.

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